$1.5 Trillion at Risk of Property Damage

Sometimes property value isn’t as easy to figure out as you would think. What’s valuable to you may be junk to someone else. So it’s really a question of your perspective.

But moving beyond monetary value you get into a wide range of intangible values. The memories of a home, the special meaning it has for those who live there. And that’s never more true than when danger strikes.

As everyone on the East coast knows, hurricane season is a dangerous time of year. Security in your home becomes a top priority. And new data released shows how vulnerable many homes are. From floods, storm surges, hurricanes – more than $1.5 trillion is at risk this season.

But trusting in your home and hunkering down in your life is valuable to. I want to wish all of you safety in your home, safety in your investments, and smooth sailing.

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