1.8 Million Homes are Moving Up 25

home prices rising

I’m gonna get right to the point here. If housing price trends continue this year, almost 2 million homes will come out of negative equity.

That’s a really sizable chunk of the underwater market and just the idea that it might happen has gotten the real estate market buzzing.

Some of the big questions we’re grappling with now are:

– What does this mean for the mortgage insuring industry?

– Where will short sales land in the post-recession world?

– Will demand for rental begin to trend back down?

All of these are going to be issues to watch out for as we head into the summer. It may be a slow time of year transaction-wise but the financial side of things is moving along at a nice clip.

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What are your thoughts? Are you confident that rising prices will increase? Do you think we’re about to see a bubble burst, even a short term one? Some of the experts think so, but I want to hear from you guys.

So leave a comment below and let’s see where we stand.

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