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HAMPs Untimely Rebirth 27

Remember that program, you know, the one that was supposed to help every underwater borrower all over the country but ended helping under 1 million? What was that called again? Oh yeah, HAMP. Right, yeah, that one. Well, despite its disappointing history so far the government has decided to drop […]

Two Views on Housing 2

Believe it or not (oh yeah, you should believe it) there’s controversy surrounding the President’s latest plan to mess with the housing market. As he announced in his State of the Union address he wants to have someone look through the deep dark past of mortgage giants to see what […]

Principal Reductions a Hot Topic in Congress 14

I’ve been hearing a lot of talk in the comments section about the pressing need to pursue principal reductions for underwater homeowners. Apparently this blog gets more attention than I realized because the idea has finally penetrated the thick heads of some members of Congress. I’m sure now matter how […]

FHFA mortgage principal reductions

mortgage servicer forbearance extended

Forbearance Extension Now Available 23

Freddie Mac has decided to extend the available forbearance periods for unemployed homeowners. Previously borrowers facing extended unemployment were only eligible for, at most, 6 months of reduced payments. And that required prior approval. Now, borrowers can receive up to 1 year of forbearance from mortgage payments. This could be […]