2014 Record Year for Home Prices, survey 25

If attitude is everything then I’m expecting 2014 to be just about the biggest real estate year that any of us have ever seen. There, I said it and I can’t take it back. But what can I show you to back it up? Try this.

In a recent survey by Fannie Mae (who I’m suuuuure has no reason to want to release this kind of information) almost 50% of respondents said they expect home prices to increase this year. Only 9% claim they believe prices will fall.

Let’s think this one through for a second. If half the market out there thinks prices will rise, then they hold tremendous sway in making it happen. (With a little help from the fine short sale folks out there, not to pat ourselves on the back or anything.)

But the market is definitely in resurgence and confidence has seeped down through all the layers. The entire country is expecting an enormous rebound. Isn’t it only fair that we give it to them?

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