Monthly Archives: January 2015

Reclaiming the City 5

When you look at housing starts across the country the story can quickly become depressing. So many subdivisions began with bright futures only to sit empty and unfinished. Maybe they’re waiting for a miracle or just someone with a dream. I don’t know. But I do know they highlight an […]

Small Changes Make Investors Nervous 1

Despite the tremendous strides we’ve seen from the real estate market we’ve got to always be prepared for small dips and changes. One thing that has been changing the real estate market is the increase of Online Slots Popularity. These might be seasonal, a reaction to other economic news, or […]

Real Estate Quiz

Sometimes it’s good to know how much you don’t know. If you think you know it all you’re fooling yourself and are going to hold yourself back in the long run. So if you’re missing information it’s a good idea to find out now. So to help you out I […]

Delinquency Rate Down 1

Delinquency and foreclosure have been both the toughest parts of the economy for the last few years and also the best part. I feel for the people who have been hurt and the economy is still figuring out how to right those wrongs. But some of the most positive gains […]

Mortgage Values at New High 1

The state of mortgages in our economy is something that we’ve all been watching. If you’re looking at the real estate market you know how important it is to see a healthy uptick in the number of new mortgages and their value. So it was nice to see that 2014 […]

Consumer Confidence Up 1

Are people moving back into high gear this year with confidence? Is the average consumer planning on a successful year or a tough one? These types of questions occupy everyone’s thoughts and it’s never really clear how things will play out. Issues like consumer confidence become the most crucial data […]

New rules for GSEs 1

The FHFA has decided to get a lot tougher with mortgage servicers, starting with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Among the newest hard-line approaches are new minimum financial requirements. This is going to mean some big changes but not quite big enough in my opinion. Some of the areas of […]