$325 billion in Short Sales 1

foreclosureThe money you could be making from short sales is dying out. You’re basically running out of time to cash in so I don’t really know what you’re waiting for. Here’s how it breaks down.

There’s still $325 billion out there in overdue mortgages. That’s down 27% from last year.

If you think this $325 billion is going to be around forever you need to wake up. It’s dropping like crazy which means your chance to act is drying up. Get moving! There are tons of opportunities all around you.

I’ve given you the tools (well, most of them) to make a huge impact in the short sale market. You know where to look for the best deals. So what’s stopping you?

Think about that for a while. If you’ve got some excuses, please don’t leave them in the comments section. But if you’ve got big dreams, let’s hear them.

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One thought on “$325 billion in Short Sales

  • Allen

    Cory will you show me how to capitalize on this market I need to get my buissness rolling it is HILLS PROPERTY PRESERVTION I need to start making some money to replace my current factory job