A New Way to Cash In Big 25

Profits from rentals seem to be a gold mine for some investors, but that theory is being put under the microscrope at this very moment. Let me just explain a little bit before you all freak out.

Basically, the low prices of investment properties have paid off big for investors. They snatched up prime locations at rock bottom prices, but because the economy was so shaky, they cashed in by renting out the properties. Win-win right?

But lately homes prices have started to rise (no surprise) but they rise is outpacing that of rental prices. So the profit from these investments is starting to wear a little thin. Too close for comfort for some investors.

Now does that mean it’s time to quit investing? For sure not.

Does that mean it’s time to switch mindsets to adjust to making money in an “up” economy? Absolutely.

I’m always showing you news ways to make a killing in real estate. My students know I don’t lead them wrong. But you’ve got to man up and admit when the rules of the game have changed and the old ways won’t work.

This is one of those times. So let me know if you’re interested in seeing great ideas for really making it big. Leave a comment and tell me what you need to get started.

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