Bank Stocks Set to Crash 26

economyIt’s always a funny thing when stock performance has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Or with the health of a company. Are people investing in a dream? What do they really expect will happen?

Take last year’s bank stock numbers for example. They were up as of the end of the year. Great! You’d think it’s because banks had a great year and performed well, right? Expectations are up, interest rates are high, and the economy is doing well. So what could be wrong with this picture?

Um, just about everything else. Loans are growing at a snail’s pace. Profits are way down. Mortgages are still flatlining. Loans are down almost 50% from the year before!

This is a prime example of what you need to watch out for. Don’t believe hype. Instead look for underlying value and never forget the fundamentals. It’s too soon to start grasping at straws. Take your time, do your homework, and make smart decisions.

In the real estate business this has never been more true. Look around you. I guarantee you the opportunities are there, you just need the tools and the knowledge to use them. I’m happy to help with that part!

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