Chinese Real Estate Investors 20

The US housing market looks like it’s going to get a big boost in the near future. Some investors from abroad are starting to make big land grabs and the trend doesn’t look to be slowing anytime soon.

China seems to be the big money behind the most recent round of big purchases. $22 billion has been spent so far from Chinese real estate investors. This is about a quarter of all foreign real estate purchases.

They’re paying cash and buying expensive, according to the latest reports. An average home goes for just shy of $600k. Some of the states benefiting the most from the rising home prices include California and Washington.

This is good and bad news for your average real estate investor. The good news is that prices should be rising so your investments are going to start paying off sooner than they would otherwise. The bad news is that the market is becoming a lot more crowded. Vacation properties and rental units are being scooped up so you may need to dig a little deeper to find the cash cows.

Keep your chin up and don’t sell yourself short. If you’re in the business to win it you’ll do fine. Follow my lead and there will be plenty of profits to go around.

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