Competition for Jobs 22

Job creation is something everyone on the political and economic ladder is talking about. From local press to the national media, finding enough jobs for the hordes of seekers is the talk of the town.

Are there jobs out there? Sure, but some of the people might not want to do them.

Are there jobs worth doing? Definitely, but everyone wants them. I just saw a ranking of the 6 most coveted careers to head into and how completely overcrowded those markets are.

1) Administrative law judge (starting in the upper $80k)

2) Civil Engineer ($80k)

3) Prosthodontist ($90k+)

4) Health Services Manager ($90k)

5) Conservationist ($81k)

6) Computer Systems Analyst ($81k)

Now if you think about, is competition good or bad? Well, in the real short term it can be bad because you might not land a job. In the middle term it can be great if it gets you to up your game. And in the big picture it can be tough because people will be forced to make some major changes.

But it’s the middle game that counts the most. If you can use competition to propel you forward that’s a huge boost. You should view brick walls in your path as things that keep out people who don’t want to get through badly enough.

Are you one of those people? How badly do you want to succeed?

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