Confession Time 23

Friends, we’re half way through the first month of the year. New Years memories are starting to fade, we’re all back to work and facing reality. So it’s time to come clean.

How many of you have already forgotten your New Years resolutions?

If that’s an uncomfortable question, tough luck. You can’t avoid it and it’s about time you faced facts. If some of you are having trouble remembering your resolutions all I need to do is look back a few posts to remind you. Some of you made big claims about all the things you were going to change and we all read what you had to say.

So in all seriousness, have you kept your resolution for even two weeks? Have you run out of excuses for avoiding exercise, healthy eating, working less, spending time with the family, etc etc?

If you’ve already left your resolutions behind you’re probably like most of the country. So really, don’t be afraid to come clean. We won’t judge. But we will give you a chance to think out loud and do some real soul searching. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find it in your to take up the reins one more time.

Have a great weekend (but leave a comment first!)

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