Consumer Electronics Show Review 2

Everyone knows I’m a sucker for the latest gadgets and technologies. I love watching the latest innovations roll out. But this year’s from at the Consumer Electronics show was a bit disappointing. Maybe 2015 holds more surprises but it’s not getting me all that excited just yet.

Some of the lamest things I saw – knock-offs of hot items like headphones and speakers, needless apps for really low-tech devices (like the one that waters your plants), and levitating speakers. Those are cool but that’s about all it has going for it.

What I did think was awesome was how connected cars are becoming. There was a monster display this year from some of the biggest names in the auto industry. Many of the concepts cars (and not-so-distant-future cars) showed serious leaps forward in their capabilities. Not just cars that drive themselves but the entire host of sensors that are currently being put in cars. Things that will make driving safer and cheaper.

I’m excited by a lot of what I see and disappointed by some others. But that’s life I suppose.

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