Crazy Baby Names 25

Here’s a bizarre story that I wanted to share with you while we’re heading into the weekend. It’s got nothing to do with real estate, or money, or anything really, but it’s just weird.

Celebrity Baby Names.

Yeah, told you it was a weird topic, but hey, it’s in the news so why not share it.

A particular Hollywood couple just named their baby “Lincoln” (see if you can Google who they are!) and that’s apparently part of some “Presidential Baby Names” trend. There are classics like Madison and Kennedy (Johnson anyone?) and then new ones like Reagan and Obama.

I took a look for the 20 weirdest ones and got this list:

20) Kal El
19) Pilot Inspektor
18) Fifi Trixibelle
17) Apple
16) Coco
15) Kyd
14) Sage Moonblood
13) Destry
12) Maddox
11) Memphis Eve
10) Ocean
9) Prince Michael
8) Rocket
7) Blue Angel
6) Audio Science
5) Moon Unit
4) Diva Thin Muffin
3) Moxie Crimefighter
2) Tu Morrow
1) Jermajesty

We’re not very nice to our kids, are we? For extra credit, try and find the parents of these kids!

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