Did Romney Lose? 3

voting in president electionAs the country recovers from the election (and hurricane!) we all take a look at the aftermath and try to figure out what happened. Since Obama won it’s natural to try and piece together the puzzle and see how he did it. And most of what I’ve been seeing is pretty ridiculous.

Basically, commentators and bloggers out there make it sound like it was obvious from the start that Obama was going win. They try to convince us that 20/20 hindsight makes up for bad predictions.

For instance, they say that Obama put together a better “ground game” and really reached voters. Just like he did in 2008 he got his message out better than his Republican opponent. So for sure he was going to win. Another example: Minorities were overwhelmingly supportive of Obama and would never have left him without their support.

I think this is a big bunch of “something you don’t want to step in.” It’s awful and unfair to Mitt Romney to make it look like he never had a chance after the fact. If you’d been so sure you would’ve called it a long time ago. And Mitt put together a fantastic campaign. He did not lose the popular vote by very much, he won back two states from Democrats, and no one knew before hand who was going to win. It wasn’t obvious and every single poll up until the last one was too close to call.

So let’s stop making it sound like a landslide. Let’s be as gracious as the candidates themselves. Congratulate each other on a well-fought (though I don’t like calling it a fight) campaign, learn from our mistakes, and realize no one can predict the future.

Have a great weekend folks!

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3 thoughts on “Did Romney Lose?

  • Michael

    You think we can start talking about real estate again on this blog titled “Short Sale Fundamentals”?


  • Elizabeth

    Thanks Cory, for facilitating such a good blog, being that it covers current and relevant issues, and is wonderfully interactive. I love everyone’s veiws on both sides, mostly the passion around the politics that really do affect our daily lives and businesses. Since I’m Canadian, I’m very appreciative of hearing a well-rounded debate right here on your blog than spending precious time sifting through issues that are being reiterated to death via the corporate media. It’s a refreshing treat to hear your thoughts on everything from one thing to another and tie it all into your focus for moving forward in business.

  • James

    Hey Michael, here is a “Short Sale Fundamental” for you: You are missing the point. 🙂 Cory is doing something very important for his business, that is getting people to read his blog and putting interesting titles tied to current events in his emails which pique our interest just enough to click and see what he has to say. If that is not something you can learn from by observation that there is nothing anyone will ever be able to teach you to make money.