Disgraced General

petraeus scandalThe news that has shocked the country in recent days is the scandal surrounding the suddenly-retired CIA director General Petraeus. His affair with his official biographer has led to his public disgrace and dismissal from office (though of course it’s called a voluntary retirement). It has been the leading story for days and is calling into question so much of what we thought of the war on terror.

But let me throw this out there for you to chew on. Should Petraeus have retired? Does the fact that he committed a sin in his personal life mean he’s unfit for public office? Or is unfit to lead troops or the CIA? Why do we think being faithful in your relationships means the same as being faithful in your service.

What is faithfulness anyway?

Every time a public servant is publicly shamed by their own actions part of me never wants to see them in a top position ever again, but part of me also wants to believe they can continue to serve. And if you know me at all, you know being a servant is my main goal. But I’m torn in this case so I’m turning to you.

Does a scandal in personal life reflect on one’s public life? Should Petraeus have stepped down? Leave a comment.

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