EHLP Axed by Congress 24

house ends EHLPAnd there goes number 2. Yet another program has been struck down by the House. The Emergency Homeowner Loan Program has gone the way of the Short Refi. This program which helps homeowners who can’t pay mortgages because of unemployment has been officially canceled.

Most lawmakers agreed that this program also needed to be tweaked in order to be effective. Of course, there were 177 dissenting opinions, and yes, Obama has promised to veto the bill if it makes it through the Senate.

So no major changes are actually going to happen, but it’s nice to see the House of Representatives keeping itself busy. Do you think they’re wasting their time (and our taxes)? Or do you think this symbolic gesture is accomplishing something? Let your voice be heard here, and in Congress. Make sure our representatives in government know how we will about these issues.

Do you have a personal story of someone who was helped by one of these government programs? Or have you become smart enough to spot the problems in them? Can you warn others? Let me and my readers in on your views so we can all learn together.

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