Experts Wrong on Mortgage Rates 25

rentPeople are starting to ask the tough questions about mortgage rates. And those tough questions are starting to make key people in the industry uncomfortable. Things like:

1) Why have rates defied the predictions of experts?

2) Why have rates held steady at such low levels?

3) If the economy is improving why are rates still at rock bottom?

4) How long will the low rates last?

The first question really gets on the nerves of “experts.” They hate it when people come back around with direct quotes about their “predictions” which just totally didn’t come true. They’d prefer we had shorter memories.

But we don’t and we have absolutely know problem confronting reality. Because you know what happens when you face facts head on? You come out on top. Because there will always be people out there who try to deny the facts. But those who accept them can begin to act. Can begin to take advantage of a good situation.

I’m happy with my performance during this crazy economy and I know things have paid off for my students. If you’d like to get in on the action now give me a call. If you want to keep burying your head in the sand, call an expert for a shovel.

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