Fannie Mae Can Keep Their Predictions 26

economic growth in 2012Let’s say you’ve got a good friend who’s been with you a long time. And you know that every single time he gives you advice it ends up being BAD advice. At first it always sounds good and makes a lot of sense. But no matter what, it always comes around in the end to be just the worst thing you could have done. Sure, he’s a good friend, but would you keep taking his advice?

Probably not.

So that’s where we stand as we plow into 2012. Fannie Mae, no one’s best friend but they’ve been with us a long time, has proven countless times how useless they are in getting things done. And yet they still decide to open up about their predictions for 2012. And, oh shockingly!, they predict 2.3% growth in the economy.

Imagine, trying at this stage of the game to predict anything. Here’s what we’re facing:

– presidential elections

– Europe crashing

– healthcare uncertainty

– unemployment

– housing market crisis

The list just keeps growing. So why doesn’t Fannie Mae wise up to the fact that a) they’re completely wrong about everything and b) no one’s even listening any more.

Hey, by all means I encourage people to think positively. And I do believe that the more good will and enthusiasm you pump into something the better your chance of making your predictions come true. But I would never turn around after royally messing millions of people over and tell them “Don’t worry, you’ll still end up ahead.”

Yeah! We’d see 10% growth if not for you jokers. So keep playing with your prediction toys and leave the real work to real people. Oh wait, I forgot, corporations are people too these days! Oh well.

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