Foreign Markets are a Smart Investment 26

foreign-investmentsSometimes you need to look a little further afield to find the best deals. I don’t mean crossing state lines to find cheaper gas. I mean . . . across the world.

Let me be clear though. There are awesome deals that you can make happen today in your own backyard. But sometimes you might end up thinking too small. At some point you need to broaden your horizons to see the big picture.

So with that in mind let me fill you in on some kinda-wacky cities that are blowing up in value in real estate investing.

1) First on the list – Beirut, Lebanon. Crazy, right? But believe it or not there are major sections of the city that are thriving and expanding. Sounds like an opportunity to me.

2) Cape Town, South Africa – also an easily overlooked area. But investment homes are reasonable, growth is steady, crime is low. A winning combination (plus a view of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans from just about anywhere in the city).

3) Chennai, India – you might be saying “What? Where?” But in a country of billions there are bound to be some great spots. High average net worth is a major draw for this city. Prices are reasonable, now.

4) Dublin, Ireland. This country has been hard hit in the economy. But industry and employment are strong leading to solid growth potential.

5) Istanbul, Turkey – Lots of troubles plaguing this country right now. But strategic location, a forward looking government, and a thriving economy make this a city worth looking into.

I think you can see where I’m going with this list. I’m not going to claim to be an expert on foreign investments. But I always take a step back and remind myself that there’s no limit on where my imagine can take me (or my investments).

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