Freddie Mac on Gas Prices 25

freddie mac gas pricesIf there was one government organization you would be least likely to take financial advice from, I’m pretty sure it would be Freddie Mac. They clearly missed the economic boat more times than I’m comfortable even mentioning and yet they think we’re all hanging on their every word.

The latest from them is that gas price are high.


Yep, not much more to it than that. They said prices are high for gas but no big deal. It won’t bother anyone.

This type of report is so annoying. You feel worse having even read it. They waste our time pointing out the obvious and then tell us that bad news is no big deal. Well, I’m glad they feel comfortable speaking for everyone else but I don’t. In fact, I think the opposite is true.

You guys should speak.

If high gas prices are hitting you where it hurts, then leave a comment below. If you rethink long trips now because of climbing fuel prices, why not speak up. I promise, I’m not like Freddie Mac. I actually care what you have to say.

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