Lookout! Government shutting down!

congress budget crisis shutdownIf you’re like most people that kind of a headline will either be old news for you or freak you out. (If neither, then get with the times!) The debates about the economy and how to save $0.15 in the next 7 minutes are beginning to drive the average American (read: me) insane. All the arguing doesn’t seem to be bringing us any closer to an answer. And, oh yeah,

the government has no money!!

Sure lots of normal services will continue but many important ones will just quit. Zoos and museums will close (def. important if you’ve got kids!). Courts will stop working. Federal employees will be shown the door. And tons of state programs will be halted since they won’t be getting Federal dollars.

The whole system is just getting to the point of being ridiculous until it actually happens. Then it’s just sad.

So what are you and I supposed to take away from this whole crisis? Do we just say there’s nothing we can do and hope it all goes away? Do we parade in front of Congress hoping to make a change?

I think the answer is somewhere in between. You can’t bury your head in the sand. And you can’t quit your job and make a career out of protesting. But the way all great movements start is by word of mouth. If you’ve got something to say and platform to say it from, people will listen. Start with those closest to you and make sure they understand your point of view, what the average man’s priorities are. And then hopefully enough of us will be heard that Congress will have to listen.

Stranger things have happened!

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