Gun Control – A Right?

gun controlUnfortunately with the new years come some issues that we’d rather not face. I usually like to leave well enough alone and not stir the pot but there’s an issue raging throughout the country and the debate is getting more heated as we go on. I’m talking about gun control.

Since the horror of last month’s shooting we have all been flooded with opinions from every side on what to do about these shootings, how to prevent them, how to support victims, how to punish offenders. And how to limit access to guns.

Obviously the opinions are felt very strongly on both sides. On the pro-gun side there’s basically two points: 1) the Constitution gives us the right to carry weapons and 2) the only/best response to a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

On the other side there are two points as well: 1) the Bill of Rights might not allow really powerful/automatic guns and 2) the best response to gun violence is to limit bad guys access to guns.

It’s an age old debate really. Does the price we pay for our rights justify having them? What’s a better defense: prevention or offense?

I know everyone feels that this is sensitive topic. And I’m opening up the message board to all of you but I hope you’ll be considerate enough of each other to keep the tone polite.

Please leave your thoughts on the subject and voice your opinion on gun control.

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