Gun Control Revisited

We can’t avoid it. Guns. The gun control issue is back on everyone’s minds these days. The gun tragedies just keep piling up and everyone thinks, “What can we do to prevent these.” It something we’ve talked about here not too long ago but since the issue is more pressing than ever I thought we should give it its due.

So what are the issues today? Let’s just forget the hype and focus on a few important points, ok?

– Should gun shops require background checks from buyers?

– Should certain guns be completely illegal?

– Should it get easier or harder to get a gun? Or should everything stay the same?

– The trickiest one of all: is it legal to impose restrictions on guns even with the second amendment?

That last one is the first, and the last, nut to crack. Just how much power does the government have and how much do you have? Whether it’s right or wrong, we have a second amendment and everyone’s going to have to figure out where they stand on that issue.

So do you think the latest round of rules is going to go anywhere? Do you think laws are the answer? Do you think guns are the answer?

Are there really any answers? If you think so, leave a comment.

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