Gun Control Revisited

Gun Control Revisited

We can’t avoid it. Guns. The gun control issue is back on everyone’s minds these days. The gun tragedies just keep piling up and everyone thinks, “What can we do to prevent these.” It something we’ve talked about here not too long ago but since the issue is more pressing than ever I thought we should give it its due.

So what are the issues today? Let’s just forget the hype and focus on a few important points, ok?

– Should gun shops require background checks from buyers?

– Should certain guns be completely illegal?

– Should it get easier or harder to get a gun? Or should everything stay the same?

– The trickiest one of all: is it legal to impose restrictions on guns even with the second amendment?

That last one is the first, and the last, nut to crack. Just how much power does the government have and how much do you have? Whether it’s right or wrong, we have a second amendment and everyone’s going to have to figure out where they stand on that issue.

So do you think the latest round of rules is going to go anywhere? Do you think laws are the answer? Do you think guns are the answer?

Are there really any answers? If you think so, leave a comment.

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  • Neil Joslun

    We need to enforce the laws on the books, and keep guns out of the hands of the mentally unstable. The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The places all of these shooters target are always gun-free zones. The places where criminals know people will be armed, they almost always stay away from!

  • Cola

    If gun laws can prevent crime why don’t crime laws prevent crime?

  • Jane Smith

    I really like the debate on this important issue, as it seems I learn something new every day because of it. But others have far more wisdom than I do, so I’ll just make this one point.

    People who want gun control don’t truly want gun control as much or as badly as they think they do.

    People against gun control often say “The thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

    So many in favor of more gun control hate this saying. Yet how many of them, when faced with immediate potential violence, will reach for the telephone if at all possible and dial 9-1-1?

    Those same people who call 9-1-1 are actually calling for someone they think or at least hope is a good guy with a gun to come in and rescue them from their own lack of preparedness for the situation! Yet they fail to realize that the US Supreme Court has held that law enforcement officers do NOT have a duty to protect them! And besides, even in the best of neighborhoods in the US, average response time from placing a call to an emergency dispatch center to actually seeing a police officer who can help is about 3-5 minutes. And that’s on a GOOD day! But with many violent crimes, that’s about 2-4 minutes too long.

    But this whole thing about relying on somebody else to watch out for one’s own mistakes is what got this country into the whole foreclosure and banking nightmare of people losing their homes in droves! It’s a mentality of trusting someone else to do a better job of protecting them than they could and should do for themselves.

    Whether it’s gun access and preparedness or mortgage shopping and financial preparedness, the end result is the same. Most people are looking for someone else to keep them safe instead of doing what it takes to be able to protect themselves.

    A saying that stands out in my mind that explains this quite well (that I cannot remember where I’ve seen it right now) is . . .

    “Most people are walking around holding their umbilical cord in their hand, looking for a place to plug it in.”

    (By the way, my favorite gun-related saying is “I carry a gun, because a cop is too heavy.”)

  • Herb

    “LIVING WITHOUT GUNS AND BULLETS” Is more American in today’s world.

    Guns and Tobacco are regulated by the same agency. Tobacco use has been taxed to the hilt. The same can be done with gun sales.

    Ammunition should also be priced and taxed to levels that would make access available to responsible folks who can afford them. If the price of a bullet caused you think about using it, this could make a vast difference as to who would be ‘worth shooting’. Sorry for the graphic tone! There are some amount of people who are removed from the world of crime and guns. Who’s listening to these folks? Can they teach us how to live without GUNS and Bullets of any kind?

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