Happy New Years!! 2

If you’re looking for great ways to celebrate New Years, I can only give you one piece of advice: Make it memorable. None of know how many new years we’ll see and you want to make sure each one counts. Not just New Years Day, but the new year on the whole.

But what better way to make the most of 2015 than by starting it off on the right foot. Here are some great stories I’ve picked from other people who might have missed the memo on this one. But I think they’re good for a laugh!

Happy New Year!

– A Floridian found herself in New York for New Years. She’d never seen snow in her life and decided midnight was the perfect time to start rolling around in it!

– Shattering glass is an ancient custom in some parts of the world, but why ring in the new year by smashing windshields??

– What happens on New Years stays in New Years. That’s why we sing about forgetting!

– Let it (the drinks) flow, let it flow, let it flow! (Responsibly of course!)

– Remember the people are your favorite tavern aren’t ringing in the New Year quite the same way you are. They’re actually still at work . . . at midnight . . . cleaning up after you!

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