Straw Polls and Straw Dreams 1

herman cain wins florida straw pollI don’t usually use this blog to get into politics, but this seems to be the season for it and there are a lot of lessons that we can learn along the way. So while I’m not advocating any one candidate for nomination I’ve noticed plenty of worthy stories along the way, some inspiring and some ridiculous. This is the funniest one I’ve seen so far.

Herman Cain seems to be the running gag of the Republican nomination. He’s got no political experience (which many people like but seems a bit naive), speaks really bluntly (plain-spoken is the positive spin), and has been finishing last in every poll I’ve seen. So you’d think a guy like that would quietly bow out, right?

Well, it turns out even Mr. Cain thought the time was right to go, at least twice so far during his campaign. I wonder what would give him second thoughts? Besides the obvious, of course. So why is he still in the running? Well, you see, there was a straw poll just done in Florida and he won it.

So is that a good reason to stay in the race? Considering the fact that these things never ever predict the ultimate winner and aren’t done scientifically at all they seem to be just as reliable as predicting lottery numbers. But for some reason Mr. Cain has got it into his head that he’s got more reason now than before to put more money and effort into his campaign.

I’m sorry but it just seems cruel to get his hopes up like this. Let the man retire and go back to pizzas. If this is all it takes to keep him in a hopeless race I’ll come out with the Cory Poll every other Tuesday and keep him running past the actual election. I think that would make great entertainment, which is really what the primaries are about, aren’t they?

Share your thoughts, okay?

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One thought on “Straw Polls and Straw Dreams

  • Dan

    Cory, I agree with Jimmy, Norman, Bob, Richard, Jina and Bill. I think Herman Cain is great and would be infinitely better than Obama. There again, any one of the candidates would be. Ideally, I’d like to see Newt Gingrich win, and I think he’s cream Obama in a general election because he’d show everyone including the media how much smarter and solutions-oriented a candidate he is.

    To Ed I’d like to ask this question: Which problems or issues are better solved by the government rather than the private sector? Here’s the answer: only those that are specifically stipulated in the Constitution (without an ultra-liberal interpretation of the commerce clause).

    Freedom and adherence to the constitution is what has made this country great. It is freedom alone with the recognition that we have certain unalienable rights that are given to us by our Creator, not by government. If you are an atheist, call them human rights or rights given by nature. In any case the real problem with governments is that the politicians start to believe that the government is the giver of rights. Rights and Freedom are given by God. Government only has the ability to take them away. Remember these formulas: More regulation = less freedom, more laws = less freedom, larger government = less freedom, less freedom = less opportunity and less prosperity.

    Laws and regulations are necessary but only to the degree that they truly protect us from each other and from our enemies. Burdensome regulations, laws and taxation will strangle any economy and that is exactly what Obama doesn’t seem to understand. He seems to think that somehow the government is what makes this a great country. FALSE!!! Once again, what has made this a great country is Freedom, and the ingenuity of the american people being afforded the protection from oppressive government by the constitution. Now our constitution is under attack and our government is ever more oppressive. That is why I will vote for Republican nominee, not because of the R next to his/her name, but because any one of them is better than Obama.

    I think that the wide field of republican candidates is good for the process for now and will help the eventual winner hone his/her skills to compete against Obama. Whoever gets the nomination on the republican side will get my full support because, unlike Obama, I do believe that the United States is an exceptional country and I believe in the greatness of the american people unshackled by excessive government.