Hit and Run Investing 25

housing investingIt’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff everybody. Some states are going to see gains for the long haul but some are about to take a serious dive.

That’s all hogwash, by the way. It’s based on a ridiculous survey and some pseudo-research done by a kooky firm. But I thought you’d get a laugh out of it. Here’s what they had to say.

They looked at seven states and tried to figure out if the price gains they were seeing were sustainable. So they looked at why the prices might be rising.

Five of them they decided are based on better employment and higher income. Two of them are based on investor purchases. So they think the ones based on better “fundamentals” are going to see continued gains. The investor led ones are a “temporary rebound.”

This is all baloney and nonsense for two serious reasons:

1) No one knows if anything is permanent and the best “fundamentals” didn’t mean anything a few years ago.

2) Investor led growth is as solid as it comes.

You’ve gotta understand my philosophy. I’m not a hit-and-fade investor. I don’t make a score and abandon it. When I invest, I do it to support the community, myself, and the homeowner. When I help someone get into a home I don’t just look at my bottom line. I make sure they’re the right fit and I help them get on their feet.

It’s important to think of the impact your actions have on your community. You need to invest responsibly.

Do you agree? Do you believe in investing responsibly?

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