Home Building Hmmms Part 2 25

home construction adviceHi guys, welcome back to your mid-week moment of sanity. Trust me, I know how ridiculously busy the week can get and by the time you look up it’s almost over. So take a second to sit back, read this blog, and let’s get back into the home building tips I promised you.

So far, we discussed the most important thing you can remember about the entire process: plan ahead. Waiting till the last minute will only stress you out more than the process should. I also mentioned the value just a few simple yoga poses can have in seeing you through the day. So let’s move on to tip #2:

2) Re-grouping sessions: If you get too caught up in the process, you’ll lose sight of your goals. So don’t let that happen. Once a week, you need to reorganize your to-do list, figure out what tasks have been completed, which ones should be completed within the week, and most importantly who should do them. Delegating responsibility can be the difference between success and wanting to burn your own house down.

Just keeping the big picture in mind can make all the difference. So if you want to take on the challenge of building your own home, this tip will help you get there. But for those days that the process is just too overwhelming, try this helpful tip:

Simplify: this means, simplify your life. For the duration of the build keep your schedule and your mind simpler than usual. Don’t accept every invitation to everything. People will understand if you can’t handle tons of new things. You’ve got to balance the project with your life. So slow down just for a while and you’ll eventually make it.

I’ll catch you at the end of the week with the last 2 tips you’ll need to make your home-building dream a reality. Till then, pick your head up from your desk and look around. It’s a beautiful week!

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