Home-building Hmmmmms

building a homeI’m guessing “Hmmmmm” would be most people’s reaction when you talk about the possibility of building your own home. People rarely say “oh yeah, that sounds like a great way to kill an afternoon.” No, building a home is an enormous project. And of course, if you do think you’re ready for, maybe you also think you’ll avoid the hassle by hiring a great contractor. He’ll handle all the stress and leave you time to sit back and choose curtains.


There is just no denying it – choosing to build a home is like all of the hassle of moving times 1,000. You’ve got to find a lot, a contractor, a houseplan, a construction grade, an interior designer, a moment of sanity, a stiff drink, a … wait, I digressed for a minute. Seriously though, every detail from the drains to the¬†Homecrest Cabinets for your home has to be spearheaded¬† Either way, it’s something I’m happy to bring to your attention. And of course, in classic Cory style, I’ve even got some helpful ideas for you to get you through the process.

So this week, I’m going to be hitting you with 4 tips you need to know and each one comes with a tried and true solution for seeing you through. So let’s get down to #1:

1) Plan ahead: If you start early, you’ll not only finish on time, but you’ll still have your hair. Keep ahead of schedule in your planning and don’t wait till the last minute. For everything from financing to furniture from Maker&Son catalog, make sure your suppliers stick to your timetable and you stick to theirs. It’s tough for some of us to break out of our old habits, but this could easily be the biggest project in your life. So do it right or hire some experts from cusacklighting.ie if its required.

And for those times when you punch a pillow to make it through the day, try this instead:

Yoga! I’m not talking about a pricey class with cheesy meditation. I mean you should learn a few basic stretches and postures that release stress, keep your body loose, and don’t lighten the wallet.

Check back here on Wednesday for some more tips.

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