Why Homeowners Overprice their Homes 1

fha-bailoutWe’re off to an incredible start this year. We’ve barely begun but I’ve already heard some good stories of amazing finds from savvy real estate investors. There’s no telling where the next big deal will come from so always pay attention or better connect professional like Cape Coral real estate advisers.

One of the biggest issues we’re going to see is people overpricing their properties. It might sound ridiculous for homeowners to sabotage their chances of selling but it’s more common than you think. If you’re wondering why it happens check out these reasons:

1) They think they’re smart. Simple as that. They think they know better than all the experts. Not likely at all.

2) They want to be in control. Even though the homeowner may have hired a professional they refuse to listen. Just not good business.

3) They’re lying. Sometimes what they think is well hidden is actually painfully obvious to potential buyers.

4) They think they deserve it. As much as they value and prize their property they need to learn to be realistic.

5) They even sell you the house with cheap appliances which makes you lose more money trying to get Appliance repair or buying new items for your kitchen.

Watch out for these kinds of sellers. They are everywhere and will be the hardest to deal with.

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