House Flipping is Back!

house flippingIf there are two indicators of the health of the housing recovery they would be, in order, short sales and house flipping.

You can argue with me if you want, but you’d have to do it in the comments section. So I’ll just go first!

Now, we’ve been ignoring house flipping for the past few years because it’s just been lousy business (aside from the few tricks my friends and I have let you in on). I mean, in 2011 investors lost an average of $13k per house. That’s a serious ouch!

Last year was certainly better but the average of $5k wasn’t all that great. So to help the housing recovery we turned to other methods, namely short sales, which ended up being the answer to everyone’s prayers. Banks were happy. Homeowners were happy. Even the government, kicking and screaming all the way, got on board.

So that worked well for a while. But when a new opportunity for house flipping comes along I’m not going to ignore it. This year, the average per house is up to $18k! That’s a huge jump from last year and as the market improves it’s sure to keep rising.

If you’ve been waiting for get in on the recovery, or just branch out with your activities, this is definitely something you want to look into. I’ve got pointers for you if you need them so just let me know what you want to hear.

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