How Dumb Is Congress?

We all knew Congress was getting dumber, but did you know you can actually put a number on dumbness.

It’s true! Some people with a little too much time on their hands took the trouble to study our nation’s Congress and figure out just how dumb they’ve gotten. I assume they walked into this “study” with open minds and hoped to find that Congress had actually gotten smarter. But the proof is in the pudding, as they say, and with the country the way it is, not to mention Washington’s latest “fixes” it looked like a foregone conclusion.

So, ready for the answer? Our Senators and Representatives, on average, speak at a 10th grade level.

Yup, 10th. That’s down from 11th in 2005.

The measured all sorts of things, like words per sentences, syllables in words, and I’m sure a ton of other factors. But the bottom line is being in Congress doesn’t ensure that you’re any smarter than the average Joe. In fact, if you’re dumb enough to want to be in Congress, you probably are dumber than the average Joe.

But I’m not here to judge, really. I like that there’s lively debate in the House and the Senate. And I like that laws aren’t passed until they’re put through some kind of investigation.

I just wish it wasn’t so painful to listen to!

Fore more info on the study check out the Sunlight Foundation.

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