HUD Makes New Laws for Short Sales 24

HUD is getting scared. They’ve seen just how instrumental short sales are to the housing market recovery and so they’ve decided to throw their weight around just to make things more difficult (“better” in their language).

Basically they’ve announced some changes regarding short sales. These new policies came into effect this week and they’ll really make things more interesting to those of us in the field. But the use of a good sales team could really help with this field using resources online, learn more about salesforce consulting information here.

1) No selling properties to people you’re related to or have a close personal connection with.

2) This “arm’s length” law is Federal so violating it is a serious offence.

3) Mortgage must be in default by the time the short sale closes.

4) Additional liens on the property must be released before closing.

5) Many (and I do mean many) changes to the way financial hardship is determined.

6) Lots of new timelines for when things like document submission and property appraisal need to be completed.

Some of these are pretty mild and make sense. Some of these are a bit extreme. I think you should go over to HUD’s website and check out the new regulations for yourself. If you’re not happy and we make enough noise I think someone out there might just hear us.

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