Job Growth affects Housing Market 26

If your fundamentals are in order you stand a good chance of being successful. That’s a truism that has been proved many times over, especially in the real estate market. But when there are conflicting messages it’s not always so easy to know if you’re standing on solid ground or not. Here’s a good example.

Job growth in October was short of expectations. That’s a tough pill for many “experts” to swallow but it’s true nonetheless. They were down nearly 30,000. But unemployment in general is still falling, at roughly 5.8% now.

Let’s think about this for a second and see what it means for real estate investing. There are more jobs all the time being added to the economy. This is going to help push prices in the right direction. But if we don’t keep up the right pace of growth, there’s going to be a dip in value for homes as available homes outnumber potential homeowners.

We’re constantly playing a tug of war between different factors. But there are definitely methods for making money from both sides of the equation. I’ve been teaching my programs for years and have seen lots of success. I can probably teach you the basics pretty quickly, if you want to learn. Interested? Let me know and we’ll get started right away.

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