Last Day To Vote

obama romney electionBy my next blog post we’ll have a decision on who the President will be for the next 4 years. All of the debates and campaigning will be behind us. We won’t have to endure any more ads or appeals. It’ll be whatever it’ll be.

But if I find out that you missed your chance to vote I’m going to be extremely disappointed. I can’t stress this enough folks – you must get out and vote! It’s the simplest yet most important way for your voice to be heard (besides for commenting on my blog of course). Remember, you’re not allowed to complain about the President if you didn’t vote. I’m sure it’s in the Constitution somewhere.

Just go out there and make a difference. We’ve all endured the campaigning and speeches and pandering. Why not make it worth something and go vote? You know how many countries out there don’t even let their people vote? The number would shock you!

We all want to see our country improve. Some of us are holding our breath, some of us are taking to the streets to do something about it, but either way, voting is a guaranteed right. I want you to go vote ASAP.

(And if you feel like giving one last shout out in the comments section for one guy or the other, go for it!)

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