More Loans, More Dreams 27

It’s getting easier to borrow money and this is good news for the people. I’m not quite sure how the government or banks feel about the new risk involved in these loans but I’m sure they’re still pretty confident they’ll make money. So really, what could go wrong?

Ok, really a lot could go wrong. If we get too free with our lending (and start allowing loans without credit checks again, now one third of borrowers have FICO scores below 700, about 50 points below the 2012 average) we could face another collapse of the money markets. But the increased availability of loans means more money making the rounds which makes business bounce up.

So what are we going to do? Where’s the middle ground?

Luckily, you don’t have very much to do. You’re probably not impacting economic policy on a daily basis. And you’re probably not spending enough to do a dent up or down in the economy. So the best advice for you is to keep making smart decisions.

Number 1: Trust me.

Number 2: Do something.

It’s the simple. If you’re willing to move ahead in achieving your goals – financial, personal, spiritual, whatever – then get started. The time to make your dreams come true is now.

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