Mortgage Delinquencies Decline 26

There’s good news for the industry. Mortgage delinquencies are down. And if you don’t know what to think about that, let me help you out.

Here are a few of the hard facts. The rate of delinquencies has dropped 23% since last year and is now at just 4.09% of mortgages. Even some of the states suffering the most like California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and Utah saw rates plummet by more than 30%.

Not only that but new mortgages are rising tremendously. Just since last quarter new loans are up more than 300,000. We’re definitely seeing some renewed activity in the housing market.

This is good news, trust me about that. We definitely stand to see some serious profits from more people getting into the housing market. The more homeowners – the more potential clients. I really don’t care what side of the market you play from realtor to short sales, but the bottom line is there’s more money and more profit to be had.

I’ve been telling you about some new markets my friends and I are developing. Let’s just say they’re doing quite well with enough business to go around. I encourage you to make a move soon. If you need help, I’m happy to offer it. If you have suggestions, leave a comment below.

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