Mortgage Rates Low Down 26

mortgage loanThis article is kind of on the other side of the spectrum from the last one I did. I just told you about how attractive the all-cash market is and why it’s beginning to appeal to people across the board. But we can’t discount the traditional route for some really good reasons.

First of all, consider the interest rate. Just slightly over 4.2% for a 30 year mortgage, it’s a good time to borrow.

Also, 3.32% for a 15-year loan is nothing to sneeze at.

Rates like these make buying a home and even buying an investment property look much more reasonable. I’m getting more and more requests from potential investors who don’t fit the normal mold. But what can you do? Dreams come from everywhere and it’s our job to make them happen.

The situation in the housing market is pretty tricky these days. Instability from every corner of the economy makes it tough to know what’s a smart move and what’s a dumb one.

But don’t rule out the tried and true methods. I’m consistently finding great deals and hooking my proteges up as well. If you want to find out more just let me know.

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