Mortgage Rates Pricing Homeowners Out 27

mortgage ratesIf you’re tired of feeling like the housing market is hitting rock bottom again (and then again and again) you may be in luck. Or not depending on which side of the coin you’re on at the moment. Let’s point to two key factors to keep in mind.

1) Prices are on the rise. No denying. Last year saw a rise of 13% which is impressive considering how many factors were against it.

2) Affordable mortgage rates are a thing of the past – check out these guides. You can try to deny it but it’s true. Potential responsible homeowners, nearly 12.5 million of them, are out of the market because they can’t get financing. Check out if you are looking for a long-term refinance loans.

Now you may not really care. You might be comfortably above water again on your mortgage. Maybe you’re happy you weathered the storm. But keep in mind, who’s going to buy your home when you want to move on? Who’s there to take advantage of the price gains?

There’s only one coin so it doesn’t matter really which side of it you’re on. We all keep each other in balance no matter which way the winds blow. So let’s hope for easing restrictions on new mortgages (not too much of course) and let’s see prices really pick up.

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