Mortgage Values at New High 1

improvementThe state of mortgages in our economy is something that we’ve all been watching. If you’re looking at the real estate market you know how important it is to see a healthy uptick in the number of new mortgages and their value.

So it was nice to see that 2014 ended with the highest compare mortgage rates portfolio growth inn more than 5 years. We’re now looking at around $1.91 trillion in total value, up $7.14 billion. This is not quite pre-crash levels but things are moving in the right direction.

I spent the last few years doing 2 major things:

1) putting my money into properties that are starting to pay off

2) training a group of fantastically motivated real estate investors to make a fortune

Everyone who worked enough to get in the game is seeing their efforts pay off right now. 2015 is a solid growth year and there’s plenty to go around. Join now and you’ll wind up rich.

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