Obama-Romney Debate Part 2

presidential debateWow! This latest debate was a total contrast to the last one. I think both contenders realized just how much is on the line during these debates. (I’m not sure if there really is anything on the line except poll numbers.) They both tried to really polish their look and rhetoric. And I think for the most part their efforts paid off.

If nothing else, the whole thing was entertaining. Not just for the outright jabs but also for some really subtle things. It was really hilarious hearing Obama use the term “investor” as if it’s a bad thing. And Romney having to defend himself as a “businessman” as if he’s got something to apologize for. Both sides got a little ridiculous that way.

But for what it’s worth it gives us a chance to hear the candidates directly. And that’s important. I mean, if I’m gonna hear the guy at least once a week for the next four years I may as well get a chance to judge him on speaking.

Sure this all sounds a bit cynical but think about it. Are elections really decided by debates? No. So if not, why do we have them? Obviously to give us a chance to have some fun!

Agreed? If not, speak up.

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