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I think that one word is enough to get the comments section hopping with activity. There’s probably no more divisive topic in the country lately than this, with the possible exception of Spiderman 3.

I’m really (no, seriously) not here to tell you one way or the other whether Obamacare will be good or bad. I keep those calls to myself. (Not that you guys should hold back with your comments!) But here’s what I thought was really interesting.

Judge Roberts decided to rule that it is constitutional but he did it in such a weird way. One the one hand he called it a tax and on the other not. Basically it’s like this:

– If it’s a tax, then it can’t be brought to court until someone pays it. So he said it’s not a tax.

– If it’s not a tax, then it’s unconstitutional under the Commerce clause. So he said it is a tax.

What?? That’s some Jedi mind trick stuff he pulled. I guess I get what he’s saying but when you need to twist into such strange positions to get something through, maybe it’s a sign to take a step back and rethink things.

What do you guys think? I know some of you have been dying for a chance to rant about Obamacare so here you go. The floor is yours.

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5 thoughts on “Obamacare

  • Pattyhomes

    Anyone who thinks Obamacare was about health care is flat deluding himself; it’s about control, pure and simple, of over 20% of our GDP.  Those who haven’t ventured to read any of its contents just do not know how pervasive, limiting and intrusive this piece of legislation is (I refuse to call it ‘law’).  You give the government control over your health, your medication, your treatments and your relationship with your doctor all the while vastly reducing incentives for doctors to stay in the field; it gives the government the right to extract money directly from your bank accounts to pay for it-you have no payment options.  Doctors are abdicating medicine in droves because they see clearly they can no longer 1) use their own skills to directly help others, 2) make any money after all the years of study, and 3) be their own boss in their own business.  They refuse to be slaves to government.  So there will be a raging void of doctors and the once superlative American healthcare will be reduced to a waiting line where you die before you even get to see a doctor.  It gives a panel of fools the right to decide if you live or die based on some nebulous measurement of your projected remaining life v. your projected dollar contribution to society in that time span – playing God where only God has the right to decide.  It’s un-American, it’s unconscienable, it’s inhuman and it’s unconstitutional.  If anyone thinks anything about this piece of tripe is beneficial to mankind, I don’t believe you understand what’s happening in America and I’m convinced you haven’t bothered to read about it.  The doctors were not really consulted about this usurption of power but some were paraded on the White House grounds under the false cloak of the AMA in white coats to look like doctors supporting it when it was all a sham to create a video to post on the left-wing, Soros-owned media nationwide to gather support for a plot to denigrate and denude America.  For all of you who wish to relinquish your God-given, American freedoms for an insurance policy, I’ll pray that your brain heals and you figure it out before it’s too late.  Bottom line, folks, there is nothing free, for God’s sakes, pay attention!

  • Dan Nelson

    What frustrates me about the subject is all the intellectual dishonesty that is going on.  For example:
    They say “It’s not right to discriminate against people based on pre-existing conditions, so we’ll ‘force’ the insurance companies to cover them.” What?  That’s not insurance then.  Insurance companies are in the business of assessing risk and charging according to that risk.  They use complex actuary tables that determine their cost of covering any individual or group of individuals and then they build in a projected profit.  So ‘forcing” an insurance company to cover any condition comes at a cost which, if they cannot charge to that individual, will be charged to everyone else.  Kind of like taxes to corporations.  They pay them by passing on the costs to the consumers.  Wake up!  There is no such thing as “free” insurance.  Somebody has to pay for it.  Everything the insurance companies are mandated to do will drive their costs up and hence our cost of insurance will go up.
    So, we’re stuck with the dilemma as to what to do with all these uninsured or less fortunate who have big medical bills.  Some say Obamacare is the solution.  I say it is only another form of wealth redistribution and it is a huge over-reach be the federal government.  Ultimately the results will be higher costs, less accessibility, less freedom, less quality, larger government and more government debt.  What can be done?  Create and environment where there is increased competition in both the insurance and medical industries. Incentivize and encourage responsible behavior and lifestyles without creating a mandate.  The mandate attempts to solve the responsible behavior issue, but it goes about it all wrong.
    It comes down to this:  We are either free or we are not.  In a free society people choose their own behavior and what they buy.  We cannot, however, choose the consequences of that behavior.  
    We need to have an intellectually honest conversation as to how to deal with those who are truly unfortunate.  Those who are genetically challenge and predisposed to illness, those who have had serious accidents or illnesses through no fault of their own and those who are financially destitute.  We need to decide how much the government should be involved to help them and what needs to be done to cover the costs, but to talk about mandates that pre-existing conditions have to be covered and all children need to get covered on their parent’s policy until age 26 is just intellectually dishonest.  It will only drive costs up.  
    Obamacare is full of mandates and it is full of cronyism and impingements on our freedom.  It is bad policy and bad law.  It was passed under a cloud of controversy and crammed through without an honest debate.  We need to scrap the whole thing and start over with an honest attempt to address problems while asking the right questions and keeping freedom in mind as the highest consideration.

  • Eriw

    To everyone that has an comment on ObomaCare.  Personally, I don’t know all the details of the Act, and even if I did, I don’t think it would matter much.  I think there are Pros/Cons to all arguments on the issue and I’d like to think I was an open minded individual capable of at least objectively taking a middle ground on any issue so please hear me out.  Aren’t we as tax payers picking up the bill on most of the social programs currently sponsored by the government?  So is Health Care mandated by the government really any different?  If you were suddenly stricken with a fatal disease and wanted to fight to live, would you be so quick to accept the limitations placed on your coverage by the insurance companies?  There are some tragic stories about how insurance companies have limited coverage for people battling severe health issues, due to no fault of their own.  The declaration of independence reads:   “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Do we as Americans really have the inalienable right to “Life…and the pursuit of Happiness”?  Some feel our Liberty & Freedom is being threatened by ObomaCare….Anymore so than it already is, or has been with the payroll deductions that are collected by the IRS?  Wake up people!  The government has been robbing us blind for years – long before ObomaCare,  so now why the sudden outcry over the Health Care Act?  Has anybody really stopped and looked at all of the other taxes we currently pay as Americans?  The government has already mandated that we pay taxes, and nobody sees this as an attack on our FREEDOM, but people see any type of Health Care reform as an attack on their Freedom?  People….let’s put in perspective.  From what I hear, if everybody is mandated to pay into the Health Care System, then nobody gets “FREE” Health Care at the expense of working tax payers, as is the case with most of the other social programs sponsored by the government.  I’m not for big government, and I’m not for all of the social programs that are currently sponsored by the government and I’m not for all of the taxes we currently pay.  The USA is out of control and we are spending too much money, and if we were a business, we’d have filed for bankruptcy long ago…but to consider Health Care reform as an attack on our Freedom is a stretch.  You want to beat the new Health Care tax? Get smarter on tax law and look for other ways to reduce the taxes you’re already paying.  None of us had a choice on how and when we came into existence and now that we’re here.  We have a right to Live Happily if that is what we desire, just not at the expense of others – nobody rides for FREE and hopefully the new Health Care Act will reduce the amount of “Free” health care that is being provided to those who currently pay little to nothing for health care, housing, and food, due to all of the other social programs currently sponsored by the government.

  • Aydub

    Suzanne, did you even bother to read the comment made by Jack Brown?
    That’s the comment to which I was responding. In Jack’s second, admittedly garbled,
    paragraph, he seems to be saying that the reason “we” are having to deal with Obamacare
    is that we elected “a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER and unclear basic qualification to
    become a president from the US Constitution with unclear origin of citizenship
    and producing a legitimate birth certificate.”


    But yes, by all means,
    let’s return to the topic at hand: Obamacare. I read your earlier post about
    how this country already has “the best healthcare in the world” …Ever
    heard of the World Health Organization, Suzanne? I’m guessing no. Because if
    you had, you’d likely be aware of the fact that it ranks the United States
    ranks far down the list in indicators of healthcare quality like infant
    mortality and survival rates from many diseases such as cancer. Not to mention
    that the U.S. spends 15% of its GDP to cover about 80% of its population while
    many European nations spend well under 10% to cover every single one of their


    Here’s a suggestion,
    Suzanne. Stop watching Fox News. You are clear evidence that it “fox up”
    people’s ability to think straight.

  • Jim Eisberg

    I think that the Act was the best we could get with the government we have. Neither party is willing to go truly socialist, to get rid of the insurance companies that intervene between providers and consumers of health care, and to remove any responsibility from employers, who should have no role at all except to provide time off for people who get sick to get care and to get well.  We should not have a truly free market in health care, because we need to protect people from predators who are willing to rip us off when we are at our most vulnerable. 
    The freest market would be one where we contract with doctors in advance, based on published price lists, cure rates, testimonials, etc. including a national database which would collect complaints, lawsuit results, firings, license violations etc. on every doctor–again, there is no way around government licensure and enforcement unless you are willing to let thousands of patients die at the hands of quacks.  The doctors would then contract or refer us to all the other caregivers we might need–hospitals, labs, nurses, therapists, etc.  However, this would not get us any care across state lines, while on vacation or official travel, without a lot of medical lawyers (who would, no doubt, create themselves from out-of-work insurance personnel).  The interesting thing would be contract language ensuring cost containment, which might include penalties for patients who disregard doctors’ recommendations.
    Not likely to happen, as long as doctor, hospital, and insurance company campaign contributions ensure that no politician will tackle health care by providing health instead of health insurance or healthcare access.  We know what’s healthy, but any attempt to tax unhealthy behavior gets complaints about “the nanny state.”  We need the nanny state because in our attempts to turn schools into child warehouses and job training institutions, we don’t teach kids how to be healthy–“back to basics” prevents health instruction, recess when provided never includes instruction from personal trainers, and school lunches when used as farm subsidies don’t show us how to stay healthy by eating mostly fruits and vegetables.