Obama’s Getting His Way In Washington

jack lewPresident Obama’s cabinet has gone through some wacky changes recently. He picked Jack Lew to be the Secretary of the Treasury and left vacant the role of Chief of Staff.

Some people are predicting that this move will cause some tension in the government. Lew is known for being blunt and always getting his way. This may not be the best role for someone like that especially with the economic policies Obama is planning on pushing through.

I’m honestly worried. I just don’t have much faith in this Congress being able to compromise and work out a fair deal. And this move by Obama just makes me even more nervous. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here (judging by the loud voices shouting on my TV) but I think maybe I’m overreacting. Maybe Obama has got a clear vision and knows exactly what’s best for our country.

Do you agree with that? Should Obama be trusted to make unilateral decisions and force his way through? It seems like that’s the situation we’re heading into so I just want to hear your take on it. Speak up!

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