Overseas Markets Pay off Big 27

foreign investmentContinuing our list of “Investment Hot Spots in Far Flung Locations” is another one probably didn’t consider. Check out these interesting ideas for what makes a successful investment.

1) Jakarta, Indonesia – the economy is doing well and when money is flowing in so do prices rise. The middle class is growing and commercial space is filling up.

2) Lagos, Nigeria – you might be thinking “Are you nuts? Don’t you know what’s going on there?” And you would be right. But a little bit of “nuts” can be very helpful sometimes. Consider this. The things that make a country crazy seem to drive money away. But the opposite is also true: money drives away crazy. (It replaces it with a different kind of crazy but that’s a story for another time.) So if money and investments keep moving in, the turmoil should take a back seat.

3) Melbourne, Australia – this tried and true area is still overlooked by many real estate investors. It’s got a large and diverse population and lots of room for growth.

4) Rounding out the list, just cause I couldn’t resist – Miami, Florida. Not as far off as the rest of the cities on this list but don’t count them out just yet. It suffered through the housing crisis but is on the verge of an astounding recovery. Put your money where you think it’ll do the most good close to home.

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