Winter Opportunities

How many times does winter have to swing around to kick us while we’re down before we learn our lesson? I mean, you’d think one or two major snowstorms a season would be enough. But no, we keep holding out hope for a big one and then a couple of […]

Why Homeowners Overprice their Homes 1

We’re off to an incredible start this year. We’ve barely begun but I’ve already heard some good stories of amazing finds from savvy real estate investors. There’s no telling where the next big deal will come from so always pay attention or better connect professional like Cape Coral real estate […]

Happy New Years!! 2

If you’re looking for great ways to celebrate New Years, I can only give you one piece of advice: Make it memorable. None of know how many new years we’ll see and you want to make sure each one counts. Not just New Years Day, but the new year on […]

2015 Changes in Real Estate

I have a feeling the coming year is going to see big changes in the face of the real estate market. Sure, I say that every year but 2015 is definitely going to be a major turn around. But if you’re looking to figure out how you can capitalize on […]

High Rents Can Pay Off Big

Sometimes it pays to be obvious. That’s a truism I learned a long time ago. If you’re going to be sneaky someone’s going to catch on. But if you’re obvious, and I mean too obvious, people might just never catch on to what’s really going on. That’s an important thing […]

New Years Resolution Tips

As the end of the year rolls around we all begin to think about 2015. What we want it to be like, what we hope to accomplish, and what changes we want to see in our lives. And as always we’re afraid we’re going to fall short of our goals. […]

Sky High Manhattan Rental

When they say it’s a renter’s market, they aren’t kidding. There’s just no end to the wacky places people are deciding to rent. And owners and investors are making a killing on some of these properties. By far, the top of the list is dominated by one Manhattan apartment. And […]

Does Size Matter?

Does size really matter? Or more precisely, does what other people think of size really matter? It’s a question that people in the real estate business ask all the time. How much does square footage really factor in to a deal? You might think I’m being a bit tricky here. […]

Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Sometimes we assume things are going to go smoothly, that our plan will work out, and we’ll definitely come out ahead. Unfortunately, it often happens that things don’t work out that way. The question is why. And usually it comes down to mistakes we’re doing that sabotage our efforts, however […]

Top 6 Cities for 2015

The key to any successful housing recovery is the same as it’s always been: first time home buyers. Sure there’s lots of ingredients like investors, renters, short sales, etc. But the biggest new blood infusion in the market is those newbies looking for a first home. Keeping that in mind […]