Short Sale Tax Breaks Expire

Among the tax breaks expiring if Congress doesn’t get their act together is the one most important to Short Sale investors. The tax exemption from forgiven debt is going to be a thing of the past if Congress doesn’t extend the list of tax breaks. Since selling below your mortgage […]

Foreclosure Hurts From Empty Homes

Obviously one of the big costs to the banks of going through a foreclosure process is being stuck maintaining the foreclosed property after the owners have left. This is not a simple business to be in and it’s one where banks handle things staggeringly poorly. Foreclosure is not the bank’s […]

Bank Settlements Unfair?

It hasn’t been popular in recent years to defend banks. Anyone who tried it was shouted down as being a Wall Street Fat Cat who was in the pocket of Senators and bankers. This was probably unfair, mostly, but not far from the truth. But now that the financial crisis […]

SEC Waives Sanctions on BofA

Bank of America has dodged a major bullet which they claim would have been just too much for them to bear. In addition to the $16.65 billion settlement they were hit with from the SEC over their role in the mortgage-backed securities they were also facing some tough sanctions. These […]

GSEs Revamping Old Policies

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are fighting back against the rising trend that’s been pushing them out of the housing industry. But far from admitting that they’re obsolete they’re trying to revamp their policies to keep themselves relevant. The latest change comes in the form of an update to their […]

10 Tips for Solid Negotiations

I want to share with you 10 important tips that will help you in life. Sometimes they’re a bit harsh but they’ll give just the edge you need to succeed: 1. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. 2. Shut up and listen. 3. Do your homework. 4. […]

Lowering Lending Requirements

There’s a big tension running through the markets of our fair country. It starts at the top and runs all the way down through the local governments and banks and directly into your pocket. It’s something that affects every homeowner and would be homeowner so you’d do well to pay […]

Job Hires Improve Urban Economies

The latest job numbers are sure to make some waves in the real estate market. It’s a pure fact that as unemployment numbers, whether up or down or East to West, shift the real estate investors sit up and take notice. So the most recent numbers are no exception. The […]

Experts Divided on Housing Recovery

A survey came out recently that provides a lot of interesting insights into the minds of “experts.” A panel of more than 100 of these experts were asked how long they think it will be until the housing market is back to normal. (I’ve read the report and I’m still […]

Wealthy to face new Taxes

Some major cities across America are considering some new taxes. That’s never a cheery thought but this time they’re aimed at one group in particular. High-end home buyers. The “ultra-rich” as you might call them could be facing higher property taxes on upscale homes. Cities like New York are considering […]