Paris Rally Against Hatred 1

paris peace rally

paris peace rally

The tragic events in Paris have really been on my mind recently. I was so shocked by how close to home some violence can be and the images I saw will definitely haunt me for a while.

We all are forced to confront needless hate at some point in our lives. Even if it’s just from a co-worker there’s something about it that’s unsettling, wondering why you’re hated and what could possibly make people hate. Far or near the total loss of comprehension is disturbing.

I was excited to see the massive turnout at the peace march in Paris. Over 1 million people rallied together to denounce hatred and violence. That sends a powerful message around the world. No matter how strong the hatred, kindness and compassion are stronger.

They’re stronger in numbers, in power, in resilience. Good will never be defeated or extinguished. No matter how many choose the path of hatred there will always be caring decent souls willing to bar the way.

I hope you stand for caring and nobility. I hope you raise your voice in support of justice. And I hope you make your life a shining example of the good in mankind. God Bless us All!

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