Pork Barrels for Sale

congress pork barrelSince the Federal government is so close to shutting down because they can’t manage to get their act together, I figure it’s only fair that we spend a few minutes documenting its demise. This really seems like the end of the road folks.

But don’t bother saving money in a mayonnaise jar. Trade it for gold or diamonds and smuggle it out. That’s how bad things have gotten.

Here’s the latest nonsense: The budget cuts that were supposed to be so bad they forced Congress to cut spending smartly can be completely avoided. We already know that one. But here’s the funny part.

The new budget “cuts” that are supposed to get passed are so ridiculously full of waste that it’s embarrassing. Here are some of the best ones that Senator McCain has brought to light:

1) $100 million for Hawaii algae research!

2) $120 million for waste water treatment in Guam!

3) If any money isn’t spent in one program, it’s not saved – it’s just funneled into anything else.

If you ran your home budget like this you’d be on the street pretty quickly. Which brings me back to my original point – we’re all going to be on the street soon. So pack your bags and beat the rush!

(P.S. If you think I’m over reacting here feel free to jump in!)

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