Real Estate Beauty 25

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s a truism that persists through the ages. But what if there is no beholder? What if no one can even see it? Can the absence of something be beautiful?

That’s what one New York interior decorator wants to find out. He took a 420 square foot studio apartment and packed it with more stuff than you’d find in a 4-bedroom condo. The catch is – it’s all hidden. From beds to couches to closets everything is ingeniously hidden. Whether it’s behind walls, in the floor or ceilings or under furniture from the wide catalog Maker&Son offers, each square foot of the house has multiple uses. When buying furniture for your new home make sure you get everything necessary for you to feel comfortable, like couches, coffee tables and even mattresses.

But when you walk in and don’t see anything – is that beautiful? Is knowing something is there appealing if you can’t see it?

I think the answer to this question affects life far beyond the small subculture of Manhattan studios (though I should point out these renovations quadrupled the value of the place). When you get into real estate investing, sometimes the most valuable asset is what isn’t there. It’s what’s behind the scenes.

I can’t count the number of deals I’ve put through based on nothing tangible. No one knew where the true value of the property was. You could just feel it. And investors and homeowners knew it.

I encourage each of you to go with your gut, if you want to get fast cash for your house queens ny then get the professional help you need. Don’t be afraid to hang your hopes on air – there just might be something amazing right around the corner.

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