Real Estate Investing is Dying 23

real estate is dyingI’m sad (but also kind of happy) to have to tell you the news, but it’s better you heard it from me first than anywhere else. I know how to cushion the blow and save you from crashing hard. But there’s really no way to spare you some pain so I’m just going to lay it on you.

Real Estate Investing as you know it is DYING (click here for a quick video).

It’s not going to be a slow death either. It’s going to sudden and shocking, and it’ll happen within a year. I’m telling you this not so you can switch to soy bean investing but so that you can plan ahead and get in on the ground floor of the new investing plan.

You probably don’t understand what I’m talking about at this point, but that’s ok. My friend Preston and I want to help you move smoothly into the next phase of real estate investing mentioned at He’s created an awesome video (see it here) that will explain in detail what’s happening to the traditional real estate investing model (the mom-and-pop style we’re all familiar with) and will tell you where it’s going.

No one is more qualified than Preston to lead us all into the next generation of real estate kings. I really want you to watch this video and book a spot in his upcoming webinar. I’ll be there and I plan to take notes (without falling asleep!) so I hope you join me.

See ya there!

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23 thoughts on “Real Estate Investing is Dying

  • Allen

    Your very right realestate investing as we all know it and remember it is a dying culture and it will be a fast painful death and I will not one of these people caught with my pants down thanks to you and your awsome life changing systems