Real Estate Quiz

Sometimes it’s good to know how much you don’t know. If you think you know it all you’re fooling yourself and are going to hold yourself back in the long run. So if you’re missing information it’s a good idea to find out now.

So to help you out I want to mention a quick list of questions CNN recently used. Try these out and see if you can answer them:

1) How will a bad credit score effect your ability to buy a home?

2) What’s the most surefire way to get the financing you need?

3) How much will you typically pay in closing costs?

4) How much savings should you have after you buy a home?

5) As a general rule of thumb, your monthly mortgage payment should not exceed what percentage of your monthly income?

That’s for buying a house, but what about when you want to sell your home – and fast? Luckily, the team at TheAdvisory has a guide on selling your home that we think is very useful. It’s based for UK markets, but just as applicable to the US.┬áIf you’re not 100% sure of your answers I encourage you to get informed ASAP.

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